Improving Your Character

So you want to improve your personality. But, have you ever asked yourself what exactly a 'good' personality is?

If you thought that good looks are what made for a good personality, most of the human beings would not have 'good' personality.

If you thought that intelligence would greatly improve one's personality, how come that we have intellectuals who have 'repelling' personality.

If you thought being sincere and honest made for 'good' personality, some of the brothers and sisters in monasteries must be having the 'best' personality.

Do you see how amorphous is our idea of personality is? The dictionaries tell us that personality is 'something' that makes people behave in ways they do in various situations; a person may have a strong or a weak personality, a vibrant or a lackluster personality. Some people have the personality of a 'telephone dial tone'. Hm, that is a boring personality.

That means in order to improve your personality, you must Chet Stokes have qualities that attract people and make them enjoy your company.

God may not have given you all the good looks, but you can make the looks you are given good, by grooming. In that, you can make yourself presentable by appearing clean, well-groomed, and dressed suitably for the occasion.

However, what makes more fascinating is the way you connect to people. Are you interesting? Do people find something new in you every time they meet you? If yes, you have an 'interesting' personality.

Do you inspire people? Do you instill confidence? Do people look up to you for courage and solace? If yes, you have a strong personality?

Now, the question is how to be interesting and inspiring? How can you be interesting, if you are not yourself interested? Awaken the child in you by asking questions-who, what, how, where and when.

Learn and share knowledge, you will become interesting.

How to be inspiring?

Have you tried to understand yourself? Have you tried to dissect the innermost feeling of yourself? The dreams, the hopes, the fears and the passions? Unless you understand yourself, you can never understand the human condition. It is the understanding of human conditions that makes your thoughts deep and resonating. A deep knowledge and compassion in you will inspire people?

Improving your personality begins with what handicaps you are beginning with. Do you need to be groomed well, do you need to improve yourself inte