Popular Trends inside the Swimming Pool Business

Swimming pools of yesteryear didn't offer much in design other than rectangular design. Very early-inground pool designs actually used cinder blocks to form portions of the pool wall. Since then swimming pools have come a long way. Today the designs are endless and almost anything can be build with enough imagination and money.

Here are some popular things that we are seeing in the swimming pool and spa industry.

Disappearing edge

These types of swimming pools are also referred to infinity edge pools. On one or more of the edges, the water runs off and seems to disappear. This effectively treats the pool as an extension of its natural surroundings. These pools are ideal if you have unobstructed views of landscapes or ocean type settings. What the invisible edge does is draw your attention to it. And having a beautiful background behind it can be just breathtaking.

Smooth surfaced pools

Above ground, inground vinyl liner and fiberglass pools offer a smooth nice to the touch surface that helps and prevents scraping of toes and knees. These types of swimming pools come in many styles and kit forms and can be done by the diy. Fiberglass pools can be more expensive than their concrete counterparts, but they are factory made, install in less time than concrete, and they do require less chemicals to maintain them.


Becoming very popular, waterfalls can be smooth and almost noiseless to simulating huge waterfalls off of mountains or cliffs. Again all that limits you is your imagination...

We have seen waterfalls that offer secluded sitting areas underneath where couples can have some alone time together. Whatever type of waterfall a swimming pool may have, they all offer nice soft tranquil sound of water cascading over and into or around your pool, very soothing in their own right.

Pool fountains

Fountains can create a nice sound shield for your pool area. In recent years they have also incorporated fire and pool industry events water into their designs. The sky is the limit with designs and function here, from nice smooth silent tight orifice type, to wide and rectangular sheets of water. Swimming pool fountains can add the extra touch that will make your swimming pool stand out for everyone else's.

Magnetic water conditioners

Over time your pool can develop an oily film over the surface that can look like an oil slick. Other mineral deposits can form on your pool tile and around other areas that the pool filter will miss. Magnetic water conditioners turn all of these substances into larger particles that can be trapped by your pool filter. What you do is attach it to your return line from you pool filter. In doing so any scale or scum will be reduced to a minimum, and applications of your pool chemicals will be for efficient.

Salt chlorinators

This is a device that turns salt into chlorine. They come size specific for your pool, and work automatically. An added benefit is they also add small amounts of ozone to your pool helping to keep it sparkling. Storing salt bags is also much more safe than storing highly oxidizing swimming pool chlorine or bromine. This is an easy way to be environmentally responsible in automatically chlorination your swimming pool.

Energy efficient equipment

From pool pumps to pool heaters, switching and using all energy efficient equipment can save you a lot on energy conserving your power costs over the long run. Some utility companies may offer rebates that make the cost of the switch minimal. You can contact them for names and brands of swimming pool equipment that is most efficient. Summing it up, these are some of the trends that we are seeing going into this year's pool season.